Alumni Uni Würzburg - eine starke Gemeinschaft
    Group picture in front of the Residenz
    Meeting with Prof. Gerhard Sextl, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research
    Meeting at the Biergarten
    Enthusiastic athmosphere before the German semi final
    Lecturer James Dorsey about "Football: Emotion & Science"
    Special athmosphere at the Staatliche Hofkeller
    Interesting lectures capture the listeners
    Interdisciplinary approach
    Group picture at the Biozentrum
    Prof. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, "Global Change Research at Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania"
    Philipp Gieg, "African-Indian Relations"
    Excursion to the Energy and Efficiency Center at the ZAE (Center for Applied Energy Research)
    Dr. Hans-Peter Ebert (ZAE) explains the installations
    Group picture in front of the Sanderring University
    Visit of Knauf Gips in Iphofen
    Meeting former female supervisor
    Group picture at the Sanderring University
    Dr. Gisela Blumenauer, Hubertus Drinkuth, Prof. Amitab Kundu
    Audience during the matinee at the Toscana Saal (Residenz)
    Prof. Forchel, Prof. Issing, Prof. Berchem, Prof. Hacker, Michaela Thiel, Andreas Jungbauer (from left to right)
    Group picture at the Toscana Saal (Residenz)
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